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Knits For Little Scamps – A Review Of Sorts

I love visiting Copenhagen. I lived there during my twenties – my formative years in many ways – and so many of my good friends live there. Paradoxically I didn’t know Signe Strømgaard when I actually lived in Copenhagen, yet whenever I visit we make sure we get to hang out. Signe is an incredible woman: funny, warm, down-to-earth and smart. I am so proud to call her my friend.

And Signe is a fantastic knitting designer.

Her work has appeared in Knitty, Twist Collective and Petite Purls. Signe has also worked extensively with Danish yarn company Filcolana (you can find many of their patterns freely available on Ravelry). Signe’s background in graphic design shows in her knitting designs: there is a modern, graphic quality to most of her work. Combined with Signe’s ever-present sense of humour, it was perhaps inevitable that her first book would be one filled with modern, colourful children’s patterns for kids aged 2 to 10. If you like Scandinavian children’s clothes, I think you’ll love Knits For Little Scamps.

I’m not even going to pretend to do a review because a) it’d be one long post of THIS IS AMAZING and b) I am totally biased but this is a great collection of modern kids’ patterns. Cue picture spam of my favourites.


(Love this shows the design on both boys & girls, in a huge range of colour, and on a variety of ages. BOOM – design statement! )


(Love the simplicity and the bold stripes. And the jumper + trousers = YES. I’d wear this.)


(You cannot tell from the smallish photo, but that’s an interesting cable detail)


(This girl takes no prisoners. Also, that hat is so cool that teenagers will secretly sulk that it’s for their baby sister or brother)


(I totally love this cardigan. I want it for myself. Again, I love the styling. She looks kick-ass)


(Aksel gives good face. Incidentally this is knitted in one of my favourite Danish yarns – Håndværksgarn by Hjelholt)


(Work that pose! Again, totally wearable with clean lines)


(This is just Signe’s design sensibilities in a nutshell)

Knits For Little Scamps is published as a hardback book in Danish – but is available in English on Ravelry as two e-books (KfLS 1 and KfLS 2 – the toy pattern in included in both ebooks).

Congratulations, Signe. You are awesome and I am so proud of you x

(all photos © Signe Strømgaard, 2014)

9 Thoughts on “Knits For Little Scamps – A Review Of Sorts

  1. I’m wearing goosebumps, misty eyes and a big stupid grin after reading this. Thank you so, so much for your lovely words.
    I’m so proud that you think I’m awesome and so happy to call you my friend (I think you’re awesome too, you know).

    I love that you read Bianca (the girl in the hat and cardi taking no prisoners) so well. She’s my son Aksel’s classmate and the photographer’s daughter and she was incredible in front of the camera. It was definitely not her first time at the rodeo :)

  2. emmajaneoriordan on August 25, 2014 at 10:45 am said:

    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention! It’s great!

  3. I love those designs! They’re modern, but have enough about them that is classic that I don’t feel they’d date. But most importantly they aren’t the sort of clothing that would get in the way of being a kid.

    I was reading an old book or magazine, 1920s ish, suggesting an all white knitted suit for small children, which to me is just a recipe for getting the kids into constant trouble for getting dirty!

    Off to check this out on ravelry.

  4. Gorgeous designs! And yes, I’d totally wear all these myself too – any chance of an adult up-sized version??

  5. Oh wow, these are amazing, Laban is going in the queue for Bagl, definitely, so glad I don’t live in a warm country, there are too many lovely things I want to knit for him. Loving Skrupsak too, hell, I love all of them, but Laban and Skrupsak are my definites to queue and make! I have also had Palisander on my queue since it came out, not got round to making it yet but I love it.

  6. Oh that is so cute. Can you believe I didn’t know of her work and I’m Danish! I do however know of her work for Filcolana, just hadn’t made the connection.

  7. Charlotte on August 25, 2014 at 6:41 pm said:

    My gosh! I’d buy this just to make the hat for myself! Wonderful designs, a nice change to some of the kids designs you see and I’d live to see them in adult sizes too.

  8. Terri (terdotty on rav) on August 26, 2014 at 6:26 am said:

    I’d be happy to knit all of these and would be confident that any kid you gave them to would love them! Excellent designs and thanks for showcasing them :)

  9. It’s books like these I wish I knew little folks who would appreciate some cool funky knits.

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