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Scandinavian knitting

Scandinavian knitting is quite distinct and its history dates back to the 15th century. Norway is probably the country best associated with knitted garments like the lusekofte (knit jumper) and the Selbu patterns, but these traditional knitting patterns and -techniques have been widely spread and used in all Scandinavian countries.

The Selburose pattern

The best known Scandinavian folklore knitting pattern is the Selburose. The Selbu was initially nothing more than vertical column of snowflakes on a pair of mittens' front side and the design was originally created by a young woman called Marit, in 1857. The mitten pattern sparked creativity in other Scandinavian knitters and today there are more than 300 different patterns in the Selbu collection.

The Lovikka mitten

Another classic Scandinavian knit item is the Lovikka mitten, created by a woman named Erika in the Swedish woods during the late 1800's. The mitten came about through a mistake where Erika had knitted an order on mittens too thick and stiff and not possible to sell. Erika washed the mittens, and brushed them with a wool teasel which made them nice and soft and very resistant to the cold. The mittens were an instant success and Erika had to teach other women in the area how to make them in order to be able meet the demand. This continued for many decades and the Lovikka mitten is still popular in Scandinavia today.


The traditional knit jumpers and mittens from Scandinavia have remained fashionable for decades, not to say more than a century. They are especially appreciated by the skiing community, and all kinds of outdoorsy types on Northern latitudes. The nice thing about classic, Scandinavian knits is that they are timeless garments, always trendy when combined with modern wear.

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